lucrezia's gambit

this is the end

[enter for the madness=]Hey boys and girls!
How is everyone doing?
I've been out of LJ, some of you read my journal some of you didn't... So for those who want to keep up with how my life's going here it is

+ I was on a internship in the south of Portugal for 3 months (starting on February) in a 4* Hotel
+ My hardrive broke and I lost everything I had on psds, screencaps and related..
+ I've met 8 awesome guys and 2 awesome girls (all interns) during my internship, never had so much fun in my life!
+ Lived for 3 months all by myself (with the two girls in the same dorm) and now I don't like living with my parents, its suffocating me a bit...
+ Never thought I could be "the hot girl" and looks like the guys thought I was, kinda strange anyway, im not used to that stuff!
+ Funny story, everyone around my internship thinks I slept with one of the guys, 'cause we fall asleep after a night out, and we keep telling we didn't slept together (we did slept together if you know what I mean, but nothing more happen lol) and everyone keeps saying "yeahh rigghttt"
+ Started playing Badmington again!!
+ I've worked 3 months as: a receptionist (full time) and also did: waitress, hostess (is the speeling correct?!), house keeper and the girl who had to take the clients bags to the rooms. Sadly I didn't get any tip :(

+ Now back to LJ, but I doubt it would be for much long
+ Lost kinda every skill on photoshop for not using it for so much time, and lost a bit (just for not saying all..) of interest on making icons and related
+ I haven't watch a tv serie/ movie for the last 3 months, so its time to watch everything now!
+ Saw a few praise posts and i can see that there are a lot of great makers still around
+ Hope someone keeps doing icons of my favourite stuff for all the small fans out there of The Borgias, Breaking Bad and a lot more I can't remember lol

I think thats it guys!! Hope you all had fun on the last 3 months, keep me updated if you wish :)
(or a goodbye for now...)


I want to thank everyone who congratulate me on the happy birthday!!

And I probably will regret this, but I think it's time for me to go from LJ or at least the graphics (iconing bla bla bla), I've lost inspiration and I've had no patience at all to create any icon. Thank you to those who followed me!

- Ana